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Pioneers of Instrumentation

Blaise Pascal

This section has pictures and short bios of historical figures who have developed theories or made important contributions to flow measurement and instrumentation. The pioneers are organized according to the month they were born in. Click on the link for the month below to go to a page about the pioneers of instrumentation born in that month.

Pioneers of Flow Measurement - Founding the Technologies of Today - Jesse Yoder - Flow Control - January 2009

January (Bernoulli, Boyle, Newton)

February (Galileo)

March (Descartes, Einstein, Fourier)

April (da Vinci, Strouhal)

May (Coriolis, Fahrenheit, Pitot, von Karman)

June (Kelvin, Pascal)

July (Leibniz)

August (Amontons, Reynolds)

September (Dalton, Faraday)

October (Chadwick, Torricelli, Weber)

November (Celsius, Doppler)

December (Gay-Lussac, Joule, Siemens)



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