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Pioneers of Instrumentation-January

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This page features Pioneers of Instrumentation born in January. The pictures are thumbnails, so clicking on them makes them larger.

Other important events in January:

ABB begins operations: January 5, 1988



GodfreyKneller-IsaacNewton-1689.jpg (33746 bytes)Isaac Newton (1643 – 1727) and Leibniz developed the calculus independently, although Newton didn’t fully publish his work until 1704. This was 20 years after Leibniz published his findings. In 1687, Newton described universal gravitation and the three laws of motion. Newton also contributed to optics and astronomy.

Birthday: January 4, 1643



Robert_Boyle.jpg (7989 bytes)Robert Boyle (1627 – 1691) is regarded by many as the first modern chemist. He formulated the law that the volume of a gas varies inversely with pressure during an exchange with Franciscus Linus, a Jesuit critic. This principle is now known as Boyle’s Law. He worked with Robert Hooke to improve the air pump, and did experiments with the properties of air.

Birthday: January 25, 1627



Danielbernoulli.jpg (18733 bytes)Daniel Bernoulli (1700 – 1782) formulated what is known today as Bernoulli’s theorem. This principle states that, in a flowing stream, the sum of a fluid’s static energy, kinetic energy, and potential energy is conserved across a constriction in the pipe.

Birthday: January 29,  1700




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