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Pioneers of Instrumentation-November

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This page features Pioneers of Instrumentation born in November. The pictures are thumbnails, so clicking on them will make them larger. 

Other important events in November:

Flow Research founded: November 12, 1998


celsius.jpg (12985 bytes)Anders Celsius (1701 – 1744) is known in the history of temperature for proposing the Celsius temperature scale. This scale originally had 0 for the boiling point of water and 100 for the freezing point. The scale was later reversed to the form it has today.

Birthday: November 27, 1701



cdoppler.jpg (6172 bytes)Christian Doppler (1803 – 1853) is known for proposing what is today called the Doppler effect. This has to do with the apparent change in wavelength and frequency of a wave perceived by the observer to be moving relative to the wave source. The Doppler effect is the principle that underlies the operation of today’s Doppler flowmeters.

Birthday: November 29, 1803






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