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Pioneers of Instrumentation-April

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This page features Pioneers of Instrumentation born in April. The pictures are thumbnails, so clicking on them will make them larger.

strouhal.jpg (36012 bytes)Vincenc Strouhal (1850 1922) was a Czech physicist specializing in experimental physics. He was one of the founders of the Physics department at Charles University. The Strouhal number is named after him.

Birthday: April 10, 1850



382px-Leonardo_self.jpg (73610 bytes)Leonardo da Vinci (1452 1519) made the first recorded observation of the vortex shedding phenomenon over 400 years ago. He observed the formation of vortex swirls downstream of a rock in a stream of water. He was born on April 15, 1452.

Birthday: April 15, 1452



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