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Pioneers of Instrumentation-May

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This page features Pioneers of Instrumentation born in May. The pictures are thumbnails, so clicking on them will make them larger.

Other important evens in May:

Blue jeans invented: May 20, 1873



Henri Pitot (1695 – 1771) was a French hydraulic engineer and the inventor of the Pitot Tube.

Birthday: May 3, 1695


Theodore_von_Karman.jpg (149191 bytes)Theodore von Karman (1881 – 1963) made early studies in 1912 on the use of bluff bodies and vortex swirls. The series of vortex swirls are now called the von Karman vortex street.

Birthday: May 11, 1881



Gustave_coriolis.jpg (19928 bytes)Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis (1792 – 1843) is well known for his work on the Coriolis effect.  The Coriolis effect forms the basis for the operation of Coriolis flowmeters today. He was also the first person to apply the term “work” to the product of force and distance.

Birthday: May 21, 1792



Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686 – 1736) was a German physicist and engineer who determined a temperature scale now named after him.

Birthday: May 24, 1686


FrancisBeaufort.jpg (92957 bytes)Sir Francis Beaufort (1774 – 1857) was an Irish born hydrographer and officer in Britain's Royal Navy. Beaufort was the creator of the Beaufort scale for indicating wind force.

Birthday: May 27, 1774






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