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Mike Wasson

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Mike Wasson 
Publisher of Processing Magazine


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Mike Wasson in his own words:

I guess the peg for being on the Legends site, would be my 20 years in the publishing field helping readers understand the various flow products.  As Publisher Iíve visited hundreds of companies and dozens of plants in the process industries.  Itís been my dedication to help buyers connect with equipment manufacturers.  My background is a unique blend of equipment, process plants, and communicating information about these subjects.  Iíll be 62 next month and I have over 40 years experience with equipment. So here are the details.

I graduated from Bradley University in 1970 with a BS degree in Journalism.

I joined the Marine Corp Reserves and trained as a combat engineer, mostly learned how to build and blow up bridges and sweep for mines.

I worked for Caterpillar starting in 1970 as an Advertising Copy Writer in Parts and Service Sales.   Moved to Minnesota for Caterpillar in 1975 as a Parts Sales Rep primarily doing dealer development work. 

In 1978, I moved to Caterpillar fork lift product lines and worked in various roles (parts marketing, dealer development, sales and field warranty responsibility) until 1985, when I joined the Caterpillar dealer in Philadelphia .  I was responsible for forklift product support.  We had 5 branches, 5 sales reps, over 20 parts employees and over 100 repair servicemen.  I learned lots about equipment in my 20 years association with Caterpillar -- engines, hydraulics, pumps, and wear characteristics of equipment placed in many different applications.

I went back to my first love, publishing, in 1990, starting as an advertising sales rep for Processing and taking on the Publisherís role in 1993.  I have had the Publisherís job ever since, except for a 3 year sabbatical from 2000 to 2003 when I did some market consulting work for DuPont, started a webinar company with two other partners, and then returned to the publishing world with a magazine called GPS World.

I grew up on the farm, always working around equipment.  So I know and love machinery.  For fun, I love the outdoors.  I ski, golf, hike, shoot photography, and enjoy sharing it all with my family. 

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