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Matt Olin

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Matt Olin - President of Sierra Instruments


Matt Olin has served as President of Sierra Instruments since 2003. A family owned business founded by his father, Dr. John G. Olin in 1971, Sierra’s mission is to be the leading manufacturer in the world of fluid flow and environmental flow measurement and control instrumentation in terms of QD PICS (Quality, Delivery, Price, Innovation, and Customer Support).

Matt joined Sierra in 1995 and since that time has served as Service Manager, Quality Manager, Director of the Engine Emissions Division, Director of Operations, and Director of Sales and Marketing. Matt also maintains a position on Sierra’s Board of Directors. Under Matt’s leadership as President, Sierra has strengthened its global position in the flow measurement and control industry. In addition to founding Sierra-Asia operations in 2003, now located in Shanghai, Matt oversees Sierra’s European headquarters in Holland. Between Sierra-USA, Sierra-Europe and Sierra-Asia headquarters, Sierra manages a network of over 150 offices in over 50 countries.

Since taking over as President, Matt has more than doubled Sierra’s annual global shipments and dramatically expanded Sierra’s product line to cover nearly every gas, liquid, and steam flow application on the planet.

Matt received a full athletic scholarship to play Division 1 Basketball at University of the Pacific, where he graduated in business.  Matt holds an MBA from University of San Diego with an emphasis on marketing, finance, and strategic cost management.  

Learn more about Sierra at www.sierrainstruments.com


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