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John Harris

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John Harris 
Publisher of Flow Control

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Publisher: Flow Control MagazineóJohn Harris

Phone: 205-408-3765

John helped initiate the launch and success of Flow Control, the magazine of fluid handling systems during its infancy stage, becoming Publisher of Flow Control magazine in 1996 and has been in the fluid handling industry for more than 20 years. Flow Control is the #1 publication for fluid handling engineers and focuses exclusively on technologies and strategies for effectively measuring, containing and controlling liquids, gases, and slurries. 

Prior to joining Flow Control magazine, John was the Associate Publisher of Precision Cleaning Magazine,  a publication concerned with general issues of precision cleaning, contamination control, analytical techniques, surface quality, and environmental issues. John was also involved in the magazine world of trade shows as a Conference & Exhibition National Sales Manager and Event Planner for the North American CleanRooms Exhibition and International CleanRooms Exhibition.

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